Parrot Disco Drone

Cosmos 90GT Wifi Telescope

ZBoard ZB-PRO Electric Longboard

Libratone ZIPP and Libratone ZIPP Mini Bundle

Crazy Cart

Rocket Skates

Robox CEL 3D Printer

The latest & best toys and tech brought to your door to try before you even think about buying!

Imagine being able to own any new toy or tech your heart desires.

Imagine the richest playtime possible, full of the latest kit, always something new to enjoy.
Imagine never tiring of the toys, never growing bored and never worrying about where to put it all.
There’s so much fun stuff out there. We’re adding the very cream of the tech and toy crop to our fleet and we want to share our toys with you…

Toyology is here. It’s time to play. More.

You want the stuff we’ve got. You may not have the dough for the latest 3D printer or electric skateboard, but you wouldn’t mind giving them a go. You might not have the space for an epic train set-up, but for a week or so, you’d cope.
This is why we’ve created Toyology: borrow our kit, play with it, love it, then return it and we’ll send you something else. Or if you can’t bear to be parted from your new favourite plaything, you can keep it. Think ‘try-before-you-buy’, but with a few-day-play rather than a quick in-store demo.